Are You Prepared To Care For Your Patients? Why Mobile Computers Are Vital In The Healthcare Field

Posted on: 29 November 2017

When you're working in the health care industry, every second counts when dealing with patient information. One wrong notation or prescription error can spell disaster for your patients. That's why mobile computer programs are so beneficial within a hospital setting. If you run a hospital, you've got to put patient safety above all else. If you haven't equipped your patient care departments with handheld mobile computer systems, you need to do that as soon as possible. Here are just four of the ways your hospital, your medical staff, and your patients will benefit from the investment.

Specimen Collection Identification

When it comes to treatment plans, specimen collection is at the forefront of the process. Virtually everything that's learned about a patient's medical condition is learned through specimen testing. Unfortunately, when errors occur during the collection of those specimens, crucial time can be wasted and diagnostic errors can occur. That's why it's so important that each specimen be properly identified. That can be difficult to do when labels aren't properly affixed on time. That's where the handheld mobile computers come into play. These devices allow patients to be properly identified, and labels can be printed right at the bedside—no more mislabeled or illegible specimens labels to cause errors.

Medication Dispensing Monitoring

When dispensing patient medication, it's imperative that mistakes be avoided. Medication errors is a common cause for medical malpractice cases. Luckily, medication errors can be avoided when mobile computer devices are utilized. To avoid these errors, the patients wristband is scanned, and then the medication being dispensed is also scanned. The medication will not be dispensed unless both bar codes match. Not only that, but the scanning allows the exact time of dispensing to be noted so that health care providers can monitor the proper dosage and schedule for medication.

Bedside Nursing Notes

When it comes to patient care, nursing notes provide the vital information that doctors need for continued treatment plans. Without accurate and detailed notes, mistakes can be made and symptoms can be missed. Unfortunately, when nurses are required to leave the room to write notes in a chart, details can be missed. That's why the ability to take notes while still at a patient's bedside is so critical to proper care. With mobile computers, nurses are able to provide detailed notes about a patient before they leave the room.

Immediate Physician Contact

In an emergency situation, every second counts, especially when it comes to contacting the physician in charge. Mobile computer devices allow doctors to be notified immediately when a patient requires immediate attention. Not only that, but doctors are able to receive information from patient charts wherever they are – whether in their office or at home for the weekend.

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