Why You Need Residential Steel Fabrication When Building A Tiny Home

Posted on: 13 February 2023

Are you in the process of building a tiny, efficient home? Building a downsized home can definitely come with unique challenges, but having the right material suppliers can simplify the process. One of the material suppliers to make sure you work with in the process is a residential steel fabrication company. Check out a few reasons you may need one of these suppliers as you work to bring your tiny home to life from the ground up. 

Get Metal Stairs with a Small Footprint 

If your tiny home has more than one story or simply has a loft, access stairs are a must. Standard staircases take up a lot of space, both vertically and on the floor. Therefore, a spiral staircase is a far better option. These steel stair sets have a footprint that is only as large as the diameter of the stairs. Therefore, you can make room for them within a smaller space. By working with a structural steel fabrication company, you can have the stairs built to exact specifications to meet your space limitations. 

Get I-Beams to Create a Structurally Sound Loft 

To make use of vertical space and add extra storage or sleeping space, implementing a loft in a tiny home is a logical idea. This space may not have a lot of head space, but it can be a hefty load. Therefore, building a support system that can support the load index adequately is definitely important. This is especially the case if you intend to use the loft for storage. Instead of sourcing wooden joists to create an overhead loft, opt for I-beams from a structural steel fabrication company. These beams are capable of supporting hefty weight without taking up more space than a standard floor joist. 

Get Custom Header Beams with a Low Profile

When building a small home, every inch of extra space matters. Therefore, it is not uncommon to downsize certain structural elements in an effort to make more interior space. One good way to do just that is to source header beams that have a lower profile. These shorter-stature steel beams provide more headspace while still offering substantial load capacity to support the structural load. While the beams available from general suppliers will be the standard size, you can work with a residential steel fabrication company to get custom-made beams for special projects like building a tiny home.

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