Stock Up On Siding That's More Than A Cosmetic Accent

Posted on: 6 December 2017

Your clients trust that you'll provide them with siding that will make their houses look good for years, but excellent siding is more than just a nice-looking cosmetic accent. Siding protects homes, and the siding itself needs to be able to withstand whatever the environment throws at it. When you purchase siding supplies for your business, looks are certainly a factor, but make sure that what you get are top of the line in other areas, too.


Be it salty air, desert monsoon rains, or deicing compounds flung up against the side of the house, the potential causes of corrosion on siding are many. Whichever type of siding you choose has to be highly corrosion-resistant. Rust and rot quickly make siding look terrible, and your clients are not going to want to replace siding frequently. Plus, if you provide siding that corrodes easily, you're going to lose customers. Look for siding that has been treated to withstand corrosion.


Temperatures that are excessively hot or cold can warp siding quickly. If you've moved your business to a state with hotter or colder temperatures from one with milder weather, be sure you look at temperature ratings on the siding supplies that you purchase. You must be sure that what you add to houses is appropriate for the temperatures in that area. Do not use your old supplies of siding unless you know for a fact that they are rated for the temperatures in the new area.

A major issue to watch out for is warping in heat that leads to openings that rodents could access. So not only do you want to have siding supplies that are weather-resistant just for that good quality itself, but you also want it because it will help prevent a secondary problem for the home.


Siding, unfortunately, is a favorite hiding place for many bugs, such as termites. All siding that you buy should be resistant to insect invasions. In areas known for termites, you should also avoid wood siding unless it's been treated specifically to resist termites; otherwise, you'd be setting your clients up for a problem.

Good siding may be a little more expensive up front, but your clients will find that, in the long run, it saves them money because they won't have to do as many repairs or spend money on more frequent replacements. You can reassure your clients that you work with only the best, most resistant home panel siding supplies.