2 Reasons To Utilize Steel When Building Your Home

Posted on: 7 January 2018

Residential steel is a fantastic resource to consider when building your home, typically because of the high strength and overall durability that steel can provide when compared to wood and other materials. Listed below are two reasons to utilize steel when building your home.

Steel Is Better For The Environment

A huge reason to utilize steel when trying to build a new home is that steel is much better for the environment than utilizing wood. In many cases, it can take quite a few trees to simply frame your house with wood beams.

However, steel is a much more sustainable material because it also happens to be among the most recycled materials on the planet. Additionally, you can make your new home much better for the environment by also taking advantage of steel for a variety of other parts of the home as well, such as the roof.

Steel Will Be Much Stronger Than The Alternatives

Additionally, utilizing steel when building your home is a good idea because it will be much stronger than the alternatives. For example, a house that is framed with steel will be able to withstand higher winds and the strain put on the building from an earthquake. As a result, not only will the house be more able to get through those disasters without being completely destroyed than a traditional house but it will also benefit from home insurance discounts due to that strength.

Also, if you choose to frame your house with steel, steel beams are strong enough that they are able to extend much further without any supports than wood beams. This gives both you and your architect a lot more flexibility when designing the home because it will allow you to build much larger and more open rooms than you would be able to with wood.

In addition to its strength, steel is also extremely durable and is able to withstand a lot of the issues that plague wood beams. For example, pests are not a threat to any type of steel nor will steel be at risk if a fire starts in your home. The only real thing that is a risk for the steel is corrosion, but you can utilize steel that has been coated to protect it from moisture and to prevent corrosion.

Speak with a contractor or residential steel company such as Magna Steel Sales Inc. today in order to discuss whether or not steel would be a good option for your house and to determine if it would fit within your budget. You will want to utilize steel when building your home because it is better for the environment and will be much stronger than the alternatives.