2 Benefits Of Utilizing A Kitting Service For Your Medical Procedure Equipment

Posted on: 10 April 2019

If your medical office performs various small procedures, you may find that you get frustrated with having to find and gather the supplies every time you need them. Or, the premade kits you are currently using may not be adequate for your needs. If so, consider the following benefits utilizing a kitting service to combine the equipment and supplies for each procedure into one kit.

1.  You Can Choose What Goes into Each Kit

Even if you currently use premade kits for your procedures, you may find that they do not quite fit your needs. The kits may come with either certain supplies that you do not use at all, or they may not include a vital piece that you have to supplement, such as the proper sized needle or sterile gloves.

However, if you have custom kits that you design yourself, you get to dictate what is included so that you no longer have to search for a missing piece or throw away unnecessary supplies. Each time you perform a procedure, you can then be confident that you have what you need all in one convenient bundle.

2.  You Can Save Both Time and Money

If you are not using kits at all, you are probably wasting both time and money having to use separate supplies. If your office staff has to spend the time to find the correct pieces for each procedure, this wastes valuable time that could be spent doing patient care or other important tasks. Or, if they cannot find a certain piece, the procedure can be delayed, which will inconvenience not only the current patient but also ones who have appointments after that procedure.

As far as wasting money, you have to buy supplies separately, you may be spending more on each unit. If you have to buy the needles, scalpel, gloves, and sterile fields individually, you may be spending more than you need to.

However, when you switch to kits, your staff does not have to spend valuable time searching for what is needed. And, since you buy the kits at a flat rate that often includes a small discount, you can save the office money.

If you are tired of having to chase down what you need for each procedure, you may decide that you are interested in combining the supplies into kits. For more information, contact a company that offers medical product kitting services to discuss your options.