Benefits Of Tactical Telescoping Poles

Posted on: 29 March 2021

When there are dangerous environments at play where initial human contact could be hazardous, tactical telescoping poles are great resources. These poles come with attached cameras for inspection and have a lot of amazing qualities.

Simple to Use

Since these tactical telescoping poles have advanced technology, it might seem like they're pretty hard to use. That's not at all true. Using them is actually pretty easy, regardless of what prior experience you have with this inspection equipment. 

The only thing operators have to really do is position the telescoping pole at the right angles, activate the included camera, and retain a firm grasp until they're done monitoring a particular area. Follow these simple steps, and you won't run into problems when these telescoping poles are required for potentially hazardous conditions. 

Enhances Viewing Safety

When there are tactical situations at play, keeping a safe distance and still seeing the area may be important. For example, say you're a police officer and need to see around the corner where a dangerous suspect is hiding. Telescoping poles give you the chance to see these things and in a safe manner.

Instead of putting out your head or exposing any part of your body, you can simply place these telescoping poles far enough to where you have meaningful vantage points. Nothing will happen because you and your crew will still be in a safe location, such as around structures and buildings. 

Can Extend in Length 

When you invest money in a tactical telescoping pole, you aren't just getting a device that remains one size. Given its telescoping nature, you can actually extend this pole out quite a ways. That lets you use this device in a lot more situations compared to a pole that wasn't able to extend in length.

You'll just need to assess the situation to determine an appropriate length. Once you extend the pole to a distance that is warranted, there should be mechanisms on the side that let you lock this length in place. Then no matter what actions you perform, the pole will remain in this state until you decide to adjust again.

Telescoping poles are intended for a lot of tactical situations, which is why you see them used a lot by firefighters, police, and even the military. If you deal with these operations and there are vulnerable areas that need to be inspected safely, a telescoping pole is just the instrument to use.